PE Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch 75%

PE Calcium carbonate masterbatch 75%


PE filler masterbatch is a granular mixture of primary PE resin substrate, CaCO3 – calcium carbonate powder and other special plastic additives. PE filler masterbatch is suitable for PE film, injection, extrusion, lamination, HDPE pipe and laminated film.


PE filler masterbatch has many special features that brings benefit to plastic products and also plastic production proceed.

Increased hardness

Increased weaving ability

Improved weldability and printability

Reduced input requirements for white plastic resins

No discoloration, no gloss loss

Distributed well in each layer in the primary plastic


PE filler masterbatch is widely applied in plastic production industry that typically are:

PE blow molding products: Bags, PE film

HDPE bags: garbage bags, shopping bags

PE agricultural film, PE biodegradable bag

Roll film, PE breathable membrane

PE injection products

PE Calcium carbonate masterbatch - 75%

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